Our firm conducts financial Audit system evaluation.

Statutory financial audit services
A quality control system is designed for our statutory financial audit services. This provides reasonable assurance that we comply with the professional standards regulatory and legal requirements. Reports issued are checked if appropriate in the circumstances.

Our partners are directly involved in every engagement and coordinate with our client’s management to insure that all participants are directed properly. Our audit technique is based on the Philippine Standards on Auditing. This requires careful planning and performance to obtain financial statements that are free from material misstatements. Audit notes and findings are discussed, and we keep our clients updated on the status of our engagement.

Financial due diligence for mergers and acquisition
This engagement assists interested parties for transactions such as mergers, acquisition, and fund raising activities. Clients will gain understanding about the target company’s historical and prospective financial information. Our engagement procedures are discussed along with the expected deliverables and timeline.

Fraud Audit
In fraud audit, we also assist lawyers and clients on documentation for the potential or on-going litigation procedures.

Other audit services
Our other non-statutory audit services provide investors and other third party interests of the comfort level on financial statement numbers and key account balances and areas.

Our non-statutory services include:
  • Special purpose audit on account balances
  • Special reviews on key financial account areas